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Everyone of our dishes is made from scratch – packed with the freshest local ingredients and centuries of tradition

Each day, long before any customers come through the door, the kitchen sparks to life. Rice, beans and tortillas, the staple of all Mexican restaurants, are the first to be prepared. The beans that were left to soak overnight are put on the stove to boil along with the rice. The masa for tortillas is mixed and put aside to rise. Sauces are prepped and left to simmer on the stove.

The atmosphere is filled with lively conversation, coffee, music, and savory, earthy aromas – just as it has every day since the restaurant opened in 1974.

Just before lunch (and after the day’s deliveries), the soup of the day is prepared, vegetables are chopped, the salsa is freshly mixed, and the guacamole for lunch is chunked to perfection. The time between meals is a little more relaxed. This is the time to decide on the specials for the night, press tortillas, and begin preparing any number of unique desserts, all while debating which crate has the hottest jalapenos.

Dinner time is festive and fast-paced, with as much care going into your service as goes into the food. It’s a perfect place for friends and family to enjoy authentic Mexican meals in a decidedly Mexican atmosphere.

And of course, there are the margaritas. Fresh lime. Orange liquor. The finest tequilas. Plus an assortment of special flavors. The years have cultivated a faithful following, though they aren’t for everyone. Three is the limit for a good reason!

Most all will agree no one does it like Maria’s. It’s the perfect way to end the day.

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